Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

There are many of us out there who won't be able to celebrate their mother's in person this year for Mother's Day. So now more than ever, let's show our favorite ladies you are thinking of them from near or far. We rounded up a list of gift ideas that we can ship to your mother or available to pickup in-store for delivery. Check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide online and click on the links below to shop today! 
Looking to customize a care package filled with your mother's favorite things? KatyLoo can put together a personalized bundle with all your choices. Simply email us at to get started!

Gift her with something that makes her sparkle and shine. Check out our jewelry collection here >>


An accessory or two can be fun and functional for those moms on the go. Check out our accessories here >>  

A cozy tee, casual dress or lightweight sweater for everyday use is something every mother needs! Check out our newest arrivals here >>

We want to wish all our mothers a very happy, healthy and safe Mother's Day. You truly make the world go round. 

~ KatyLoo



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