Spotlight: City Lights Tassel Dress

Today, we are highlighting one special dress from our summer inventory. The City Lights Tassel dress is fun, flirty and the perfect piece for any summer soiree.

Its jet black silk taffeta-like material is lightweight with a slight stretch to it's fabric for a breathable wear. The cold shoulder, one of this year's hottest trends, loosely hangs off the arm for incredible comfort and style. And the black and white tassels that dangle off the sleeves and hemline add a fun-loving element to a little black dress. Wear it with sandals for an afternoon festival or colored heels for a night out with friends.  All you have do is add some earrings, and you're set!


Shown with the City Lights Tassel dress are the Ivory Pom Tassel earrings. 

Thanks for reading!

~ KatyLoo 

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