Behind-the-Scenes at a KatyLoo Pop-up Shop

Have you ever wanted to try on all of the tops and dresses KatyLoo carries online just to see how you'll look in each style? Or simply feel the quality of our clothes in person? One of the biggest benefits of a KatyLoo pop-up shop is the opportunity you get to meet and talk with us in person about your style needs and wants. With our inventory on hand, we can help you pick and choose the pieces that work best for your closet and lifestyle. And that's why one of our pop-up events is so unique. You purchase an item, you walk away with it. If we don't have your size on hand, we can get it to you within days. 

And now, for the first time ever, here's your chance to take a behind-the-scenes look at one of our recent events hosted by the ladies of the Nailed It DIY Studio at their brand new Rock Hill location! 

A little pre-party styling prep.

Shop is open!

A jewelry bar set up.

Low prices and no shipping fees!

No hassle shopping with friends. Just clothes and mingling!

Food, drinks and fun. A good time is always had at our events!

This month was been a busy one for pop-up shops at KatyLoo. With the promised warmer temps and spring break knocking at the door, people are looking to update and freshen their winter closets. And what better way to do this, then host or visit a KatyLoo pop-up shop yourself! Our upcoming shop is next Friday, March 31st at the Fort Mill Juice Bar from 10am - 1pm! If you're unable to come next week, but interested in hosting a party with friends or want a one-on-one styling experience, contact Jen at 

Can't wait for an event near you? Take a look at our online store.

Thanks for visiting us here! 

~ KatyLoo

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