Same Looks for Less - Dare to Compare!

If you saw this blog post a couple weeks back, you know that one of the main reasons KatyLoo was started is because we didn't enjoy paying those high-end prices for boutique items. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the same quality you'd find at a boutique, but at a lower, more affordable price. We want to show you what truly makes KatyLoo the perfect destination to shop for your fashion needs. So today, we've put together several items we currently have in stock and online that you may find at other boutiques for sometimes 50% less!

Our Looks for Less

Our Fuchsia Flowers Embroidered Top is available for $34 on our site versus $39.99 at similar boutiques.

Our Hot Summer Night Embroidered Shift Dress by THML is available for $70 compared to $84.99 - an almost 18% difference! 

Priced at $44 versus $52 at a local clothing store, you can't beat those savings on our Gypsy Halter Tank by THML.

Our brand new Flamenco Embroidered Clutch priced at $29 versus $34 at a leading online retailer is a great way to stay trendy and on budget! 


These Drop the Ball Earrings have been hugely popular this year. At only $12 compared to $34 or $42 at other boutiques, you can wear the same look at a fraction of the cost! 


We've been obsessed with these Bead Bold Dangle earrings in turquoise ever since they came in stock. Priced at only $14 versus $30 at a local boutique, you can save over 50% with KatyLoo! 

Our Stone Stacking Bracelets - a colorful and classic accessory - is only $10 on compared to $15 at local shops.

KatyLoo strives to provide the best quality product at the lowest prices around. We want you to be able to dress your best at the best prices. We dare you to compare!

Thanks as always for stopping by! Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.

~ KatyLoo 


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